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Beat Heart Disease - Personalized Exercise Program and Follow-up

Learn how to exercise in the right way and stay motivated to beat heart disease.

Let our heart disease exercise experts personalize your online program and follow-up on your progress.

The HomeRehab App is so easy to use. I was really scared about using it; I’m not good with phones and things, but it’s actually a lot easier than I expected it to be.

Nancy Nicolson
Nancy Nicolson

The weekly follow-up really helped me stay on track with my exercise plan. HomeRehab really helps me; especially in periods when I’m not that motivated to get moving.

Denise Phillips
Denise Phillips

Used by leading hospitals and more than 2000 patients

Kaiser Permanente
UC Davis Medical Center
UCSF Medical Center

What you get

AssessmentPersonal Assessment

Get off to a good start by letting our heart disease exercise experts personalize your exercise plan. We do this by learning about you through a short questionnaire, which you will receive after signing up.

Personalized Cardiac Exercise ProgramPersonalized Program

Get your exercise done by using HomeRehab. 91% of our users find that it simple and fun to use the personalized to-do list, follow the exercise videos and get smiley rewards.

Your exercise results are immediately sent to our experts, who will be following your progress.

Weekly Follow-up

Stay motivated to exercise with weekly follow-ups from our experts, who receive real-time feedback on your progress. 87 % of our users find that HomeRehab is helping them stay active and continue on the right track to beat heart disease.

Heart Education

Learn about your heart disease and what you can do to beat it. Our experts have selected a menu of videos about nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and medication that will help you manage your disease.

Beat heart disease.