Heart Disease Pain

Heart Disease Recovery and Exercise

After completing a heart disease exercise program, or once you have built up exercise to a moderate intensity, you will probably find that home exercises and walking are not enough. Now you might be ready to do something more demanding

Some areas have community-based cardiac exercise classes, to help for recovery from a heart disease. There are clubs and groups where exercise can be part of a weekly meeting and also provide a chance to share experiences and support each other. Always ask your doctor how much and what kind of exercise is right for you, especially if you are being treated for any other medical condition.

Benefits of regular exercise:

  • the more you do the more you are able to do
  • strengthens your heart
  • helps to control cholesterol
  • helps to lower high blood pressure
  • helps you to lose weight
  • keeps you supple and more mobile
  • strengthens muscles, joints and bones
  • reduces tension, encourages relaxation and sleep
  • reduces anxiety and depression gives a sense of well being and confidence

There are other benefits to regular exercise apart from getting your heart back to full strength. Many people find that, after experiencing a heart episode, as they start to make healthy lifestyle changes a way of life, they are healthier than before.

Types of exercise for heart disease

Choose an exercise that keeps you moving and makes you breathe in more air (dynamic and aerobic exercise).


  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling dancing
  • Dancing
  • Golf
  • Exercising to music

The first couple of months it’s too early to try competitive sport. You might be encouraged to push beyond your limit and you can lose control of what you know you can manage safely and comfortably.

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