Home Exercises For Heart Disease

Home Exercises for Heart Disease

Exercise is an essential part of your recovery following a heart attack or heart surgery. When you start doing home exercises for heart disease, it’s important to begin at a steady pace. How fast you do the exercises will affect how difficult you find them. When your confidence and fitness improves and you want to make the exercises harder then you will be able to speed up. Increase speed and repetitions at your own pace and stop if you find any of the exercises painful. If you have any concerns or are unsure about any of the exercises speak to your doctor.

Start by doing 5-6 repetitions per day of the following home exercises for heart disease:

Sit to Stand Exercise

Wall Push-Ups

Heel Raises

Home Exercises for Heart Disease – Walking Plan

When you have got used to doing some simple home exercises for heart disease you can begin going for short walks. You must start slowly and plan carefully. On your first day out, a walk of 50 – 100 yards/metres is enough. The next day you can go a little further if you feel okay. With time you will be able to do a little more and have more energy for exercising. People progress at different rates and everyone has ups and downs. It depends on how much you feel you can do. On a good day don’t try to do more than you had planned. On a bad day try not to cancel your home exercise for heart disease.

Walk in places where there are other people around, or near a bus route, if you get tired. If you do too much one day you will be too tired to do anything the next day. Short walks every day are better for you than long walks or walks with high intensity. What activity you are able to do depends on your medical history, age and how much activity you have been used to do. This is a suggested program based on time and distance, but you must also take into account how you feel. Only follow the suggested times if you feel comfortable and can talk easily without being short of breath. Also, make sure to stop if you have chest pain

The weeks refer to the date you begin and the following rows show you how to progress.

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6
  • 200 yards
  • 400-500 yards
  • 600-800 yards
  • 800-1200 yards
  • 1200-1900 yards
  • 1900-3500 yards
  • In approx 5 mins
  • In approx 10 mins
  • In approx 15 mins
  • In approx 20 mins
  • In approx 25-30 mins
  • In approx 30-40 mins

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